What is Qualifyde for Marketplace  

Are you are a start-up or a large corporate facing a stumbling block for hiring tech talent? We understand it has always been an unavoidable challenge. But, not anymore! Here is Qualifyde™ Marketplace solution designed to identify top-notch talent from your pool of candidates at an incredible speed. Thus, giving you a strong foothold in hiring without compromising on precious project hours of your internal teams.

An IAAS application that connects your hiring managers with our pool of Tech Nerds to conduct tech assessments for your candidates, while you relax and onboard candidates seamlessly.


How it Works

Here is a sneak peek into our marketplace product.

Quick 2 mins Sign Up to create a job requisition

Upload candidate profile & relax while our AI churns out the best

Choose a Tech Nerd from our AI-driven roster

Schedule interview, receive a Qualifyde candidate scorecard with a detailed analysis

Use the scorecard to fast track and close candidature


On-demand technology experts at your fingertips

Access to interactive interview dashboard that helps get status feeds

AI-driven best-fit resume matches

Foolproof Video interviews eliminating proxies

An effective platform for volume recruitment

Benefits and Advantages

  • Limited hiring intervention required

  • Incredible candidate experience

  • Accelerate the entire hiring process

  • No bias, pure competency-based assessment

  • Saves project hours

Pricing Model

Please contact our team for tailored experience