Are you a Tech enthusiast who constantly binges on new technologies? If yes, then join our community of Tech Gurus to create a real difference

As a tech guru, you will get a chance to interview potential Techies with your domain expertise, a technology of your choice, and a time that best suits you.

With Qualifyde dig deep into your favorite technologies and monetize your tech experience at the same time. Qualifyde is an IAAS platform that demystifies the complex tech hiring seamlessly helping organizations to hire the best of industry minds.

The Qualifyde Difference

Wondering why team with us? Here are five things that you can't say no to:

  • Lend us your love for technology and get generous monetary benefits in return
  • Play a role of a Guide, Mentor for freshers and juniors
  • No rules but a Super Flexible work schedule that doesn't affect your routine
  • Liberty for giving a transparent feedback mechanism
  • No complex sheets to fill but a simple, easy to use application
  • On schedule payments

Make use of your expertise and passion in helping tech companies get the right fit candidates and guide aspiring tech enthusiasts. Start your journey to become an on-demand Tech Guru with Qualifyde

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