Global Layoffs and its impact on Jobs across the world

In the face of uncertain economic conditions, the tech industry has seen many layoffs. 2022 has seen one of the highest rates of layoffs in the past few years. Generally, mass layoffs are a difficult yet common occurrence in the business world.

With Twitter slashing more than half of its global employees (About 3,700 people), Meta, the parent company of Facebook has now announced its most more..

Moonlighting and how are we to look at it:

With the recent happenings in the corporate world, many industry giants have fired people in large numbers due to indulging in moonlighting. Let us understand what this moonlighting is and why are these top-notch companies firing employees who are moonlighting.

Moonlighting as we understand is working a second job or multiple other projects apart from one’s primary job. These second jobs or other projects are usually hidden from the employer in their full-time company.  There are many companies that oppose more..

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